I  love  LIVE  to hike!

Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.

–Allen Ginsberg

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Hello! I’m Alison Young, welcome to the site. I am a voice-over artist, classical flutist, life coach, and a full-time pedestrian. I got hooked on walking the first time my dad took me to Yosemite at age 13.

Consequently, every year I look for a new challenge somewhere in the world and this year was the biggest as I took a leave of absence to hike my first long trek, the Te Araroa, in New Zealand; 1800+ miles from the furthest point north to the furthest south. Next, I’ll start the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington and see how far I get. 

You can follow my journey – also be on the lookout for visual-audio essays that promise an immersive “being there” quality to the story.

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