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  1. Thank you for being brave and sharing your feelings and vulnerability. This is reality of wilderness hiking (or life’s journey). I have had moments on the trail when I too felt overwhelmed and questioned “why am I doing this?” Agree this is worse when fatigued plus knowing I was a long way from getting out. Later in the hike, I would have a wilderness experience-spectacular view, sunrise, animal experience, people experience etc which seemed to answer “this is why I was willing to have this stressful experience”. Humans have incredible resilience and courage within them and often have to “hit bottom” to discover that. I saw that a lot in my work as a rehabilitation physician and my patients and their families awed me. Being solitary or lonesome may make it harder as we have time (and stress) for determining why and how we respond to life’s challenges as we try to gain insight. I think accepting the now and the reality of who we are is the only way to cope as we take the next and then the next step.

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