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  1. Call it “Reflections” because of all the beautiful water sources you saw on your trip and also your personal reflections on your life and experiences which you bravely shared will us.

  2. Gaia
    Read about Gaia, the Goddess of Meditation.
    The journey was one protracted meditation –
    walking, slogging, tenting, resting, connecting,
    struggling, refreshing, renewing, starting over-
    which you shared with all of us. The posture
    of the avatar fits and you’ll see that her story
    is in context. 🙂

  3. TENTA

    Noun. Middle English tente, from Anglo-French, from Latin tenta, feminine of tentus, past participle of tendere to stretch — more at thin. Verb (2) Middle English, from tent attention, short for attent, from Anglo-French atente, from atendre to attend.
    Because, the feminine form meaning “to stretch” and “to attend” and also because your avatar is in a yoga position that resembles a camping tent.

  4. Karmali: (kar-ma’-li)

    Definition: she who hears her own pulse and is lead by her own, distinctive yet private, inner beat. (I am quite sure that Thoreau borrowed that term, in the timelessness of the cosmos, when he sought to travel to the beat of his own drummer).

  5. Mountain Buddha

    …watching and guiding you serenely through the rains, the mud, swollen rivers, amazing landscapes to a joyous ending and unforgettable memories

  6. My brothers suggests “walking stick”.

    “Simplify, simplify, simplify”

    or “shank’s mare” Do you know that nickname for a hiker walking, i.e. “Are you riding shank’s mare”?

    Welcome back.

  7. Many of your TA posts painted you as not quite a blissful hiker. Maybe your blog name is a misnomer? How about Miss Nomer for your avatar’s name? Glad you’re back home safe and sound. I hope I’m not too late! Sarah Sielbeck

    1. you are spot on, Sarah. There is some ‘snark’ in the idea that hiking is blissful. Thanks for participating. happy trails 😉

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