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“Alison brought the Blissful Hiker story to my Forbes Business Council group on public speaking and it was a great opportunity for others interested in public speaking to see a masterful example of a speaker/storyteller in action. Even if your hikes are confined to your backyard you’ll be inspired by her tales from the trail.”

Bobbie Carlton | Founder, Innovation Women

“One of the many things I appreciate in prepping with a quality public speaker is their willingness to lay out on the table all the potential elements of a talk, wade through everything with energy, and come out the other side with a cohesive, thoughtful structure and story that becomes their talk. Alison does this excellently. While everyone has their own prep style, I believe this approach shows a willingness to think about the audience which ultimately translates to connecting to them in a meaningful way. Alison shared her story with emotion, tension, humor, and love. I’d definitely recommend working with her if you want your audience to experience the same.”

Drew Gneiser | Host of CreativeMornings/Minneapolis

“Alison Young spoke at our church’s annual women’s retreat, held at a resort nestled in the woods of northern Wisconsin. We were captivated by her down-to-earth honesty and vulnerability, and her ability to verbalize so many issues that simmer unspoken under the surfaces of our lives. Before she left, Alison agreed to lead some of the women on a hiking adventure through the woods, giving us a taste of her love for walking and her spiritual connection to the outdoors. She is a talented and personable speaker and a very impressive woman. We highly recommend her!”

Pastor Kristin Kurzejeski | Executive Pastor 
Bethel Lutheran Church, Hudson, WI 

“Alison Young’s delivery is clear, and she has an inviting warmth in her voice that makes you stop what you’re doing and focus on what she’s saying.  Alison’s many years experience as radio host show through in her professionalism and connection to listeners.”

Barry Kempton | Director, Schubert Club

“Engaging, great analogies and stories. Very relatable, emotional, educational and easy to listen to and learn from!”  

“I loved the different examples that were relatable to different people in the audience. Alison Young’s casual appearance allowed you to imagine her hiking and also made her presentation feel approachable and personal.”

“Such a new concept for us to explore! Make us really think about quitting gracefully! Thank You!”

“Thought provoking and Inspiring!”

“Alison Young was the best speaker in my WBB time! Very relevant for business and life. Absolutely fabulous!”

Women’s business bridge | stillwater, minnesota chamber of commerce

“Alison Young struck a wonderful balance of allowing us to participate and experience her presentation and presenting us with concrete ideas, theories, and strategies to apply. Her activities were well chosen and tightly knit with her content in tangible ways. Alison, thank you for your enthusiasm, vulnerability, and expertise!”

Jay Zarr | President, Association of Experiential Learning

“Alison is a force of nature! She’s genuine and authentic. Her presentation at the Hike Like A Woman Summit was inspiring. She shared her powerful story with such passion that it left everyone in our virtual conference room feeling motivated and encouraged. If you’re looking for a speaker with a fascinating background and the ability to speak with courage and vulnerability you need Alison on your stage. lity, and expertise!”

Rebecca Walsh | Founder, Hike Like A Woman

“Alison has a wonderful gift of being able to talk about classic music in a way that invites everyone inside to be part of the grand journey of discovering this life affirming art form. Her warm and welcoming voice, her uncommon ability to teach without the slightest hint of lecturing, all convey to her audience that this music is for them and that they too will be delighted and enriched. To listen to Alison talk about music is to embark on a journey with a trusted and pleasing friend.”

Jon Limbacher | President, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

“Alison is the bright, spontaneous and compelling voice listeners enjoy hearing and learning from whether they are at their radios, or at an event she is promoting. Alison is passionate about music and is genuinely interested in what it can do for its proponents and immersers.”

Ray Shows | Artaria String Quartet | Saint Paul String Quartet Competition

“Sometimes I wonder how so much talent and drive can be contained in one person. Alison is a fabulous classical music host with both a warm voice and a great personality. She shines at live events, and is an impassioned speaker. I’ve watched with awe as she’s taken her love of hiking to new heights (and lengths!), documenting both the ups and downs of long distance trekking for her followers with both raw honesty and unlimited enthusiasm. She’s an inspiration to me in so many ways, and I feel lucky to know her.”

Marianne Combs | Reporter, Podcaster, Storyteller

“I have seen several programs by hikers and considered At the Speed of Andante to be not only the best, but in a class by itself in terms of its intellectual as well as aesthetic quality. It is a nostalgic reminder that in the past nature played a more important role in shaping people’s feelings and values than it does today.”

William Wooley | Author and Ripon College Professor Emeritus of History

“The entire conversation was great — and that is what it was! I didn’t feel like Alison was talking at anyone, but was open and conversational. I loved the connections and personal experiences she was able to share to reinforce her topic of quitting. Her talk was valuable and I think more folks need to hear it!”

Rebecca Maguire | Education Coordinator, Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education

“Alison Young engages her audience with her words and visuals, her passion, preparation, and her storytelling. These words from poet Mary Oliver on how to live a life apply to Alison’s presentation style:  “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” On the familiar ‘would you recommend scale (0-10),’ Alison rates a 10.”

Bill Etter | Education Committee, Folkestone

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