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videos: the glamorous life of a fledgling blogger

If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.

Tallulah Bankhead
DOC workers in New Zealand laughing at me after I tell them it wasn't supposed to rain.
“But it wasn’t supposed to rain!”

SO SORRY loyal followers of blissful hiker for causing a collective scratching-of-heads and momentary clutching-of-pearls. There is no password required to read my musings. NO PASSWORD. None. Nada.

What’s up? You might ask. Well, I’m organizing Anita Hike’s diary, tens of thousands of pictures and video and getting things into a manageable form to present both in public forums and through the written word. I’m also scouring the world for opportunities to continue my hiking quests and keep honing my artistic craft, hence the “sample of recent works” password protected post. It was meant to be a hidden page deep in the bowels of, but this newbie pressed the wrong key and an email blast went out. SO SORRY!

On a side note, I’ve been quite concerned about my neighbors new dog who howls in anguish if they leave him alone even for a few minutes in their side of our duplex. I can hear poor Murphy bark and moan from my office – and so I imagine he heard me, too, hollering a few unprintable expletives when that email blast was sent. Again, SO SORRY!

For your pleasure – and by way of apology , here are a few videos from New Zealand (WARNING the mud walk video has me saying the “S” word right at the start, please forgive me when considering the circumstances.

‘The African Queen’ redux.

steepest section had the least amount of mud

“it’s windy…”

crossing “chalqua” ice melt

wind at my back for three-out-of-the-four days on 90-mile beach

plus a bit of rain for atmosphere

3 Responses

  1. Alison thanks for the password heads up.
    Barking dog’s and cuss words just seem to go together so perfectly. Dogs don’t care when we cussed unless we’re louder than them…. same goes for car horns
    You & Mr. Smackleoffen hava Happy💞Valentine Dae‼️

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Follow in blissful footsteps

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