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Trail Update

Spoiler Alert – Alison walked through Seiad Valley a few days ago and is now well into California. While her most recent blog post was about a side trip to Ashland, I have now spoiled the ‘cliffhanger’ as to whether or not she makes it to the state line. She will fill the gaps with the next round of uploads.

There was enough wifi in the valley for her to post a pic on Facebook and exchange a few emails with me asking that I post a map showing where she is. She has been frustrated with a lack of connectivity making it difficult to post. Internet upload speeds typically are much lower than download speeds and vary greatly across the US. The problem is compounded in rural areas where the bandwidth is throttled back so severely that large files don’t make it to their destination.

The images are screen shots from the browser that shows the actual path she has been walking. You will notice blue dots which are the pings from the GPS device sent every 2 hours. You can also see the segment that darts west. That was the Ashland side trip.

Her next off-trail destination is Etna, California. Hopefully she will find robust connectivity and we will find more images and stories in our inbox about this wonderful adventure.

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  1. Greetings trail Mensch Richard….so great to have you in Alison’s corner on this momentous hike…..
    you are an amazing husband….you know your wife well….Zola

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